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U.S.A. LP GNP Crescendo GNPS 8017

1989 私が愛したグリンゴ  Old Gringo

Director: Luis Puenzo. / Jane Fonda, Gregory Peck, Jimmy Smits.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Prologue-(Main Title)1. Nighttime
2. Ride to the Hacienda2. The Bell Tower
3. The Battle-(Conflict)3. The Sigh
4. Harriet's Theme4. The Battle-(Resolution)
5. Bitter's Last Ride5. Bitter's Destiny
6. The Mirrors6. Finale

Composed & Conducted by Lee Holdridge. Orchestrations: Ira Hearshen.
Cello Solos: Roy Kramer. Trumpet Solos: Malcolm McNab.
Woodwind Solos: Louise Ditullio, Earle Dumler, Gary Gray, Tom Boyd, Barbara Northcutt, Michael O'Donovan.
Guitars: Dennis Budimir, George Doering, Marcos Loya.

France LP Virgin 70673

1988 カミーユ・クローデル  Camille Claudel

Director: Bruno Nuytten. / Isabelle Adjani, Gérard Depardieu.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Camille1. Camille et Rodin
2. Rodin2. Banquet
3. Danaïde3. Camille et Paul
4. Folie Neubourg4. Rupture
5. Portrait5. Seule
6. Lettre6. Enterrement
7. Internement

Composed & Orchestrated by Gabriel Yared. Conducted by Harry Rabinowitz.
First Violin: Michael Davis.

France LP Milan A 355

1988 フランスの思い出  Le grand chemin

Director: Jean Loup Hubert. / Anemone, Richard Bohringer, Antoine Hubert, Vanessa Guedj.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Louis et Martine1. Marcelle au cimetiere
2. Générique début2. Le départ a la pêche
3. Reprise3. Pélo et Louis en barque
4. Sur la route du village4. L'ascension du clocher
5. L'observatoire secret5. Sur le toit de l'église
6. Maman s'en va6. Louis et son lapin
7. Louis parle aux lapins7. Martine et Louise
8. Louis et Pélo8. Tristesse de Pélo
9. Fureur de Pélo9. Tristesse de Martine
10. Marcelle et Louis10. Générique fin
11. Louis et Pélo après le dîner

Composed & Conducted by Georges Granier.

France LP Milan A 284

1986 ジンジャーとフレッド  Ginger e Fred

Director: Federico Fellini. / Marcello Mastroianni, Giulietta Masina.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Ginger e Fred preludio1. Ginger e Fred
2. Lo zampone di Natale2. Il megashow
3. Nel pancione della TV3. Rock mimesis
4. Rock satellit4. Pot pourri del balletto
5. La notte dei Nanetti5. Il balletto riprende
6. Il pulmino dei Sosia6. Ginger e Fred finale alla stazione

Original Music Composed & Conducted by Nicola Piovani. Orchestra: Unione Musicista di Roma.
"Let's Face the Music and Dance", "Cheek to Cheek" & "Top Hat" written by Irving Berlin.
"El Relicario" written by José Padilla. "The Continental" written by Con Conrad.

Japan LP CBS Sony/Geffen 28AP 3134

1985 シルバラード  Silverado

Director: Lawrence Kasdan. / Kevin Kline, Scott Glenn, Kevin Costner, Danny Glover.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Silverado Main Title1. On To Silverado
2. The Getaway / Riding As One2. Augie's Rescue
3. Ezra's Death3. Goodbye, Cobb
4. The McKendrick Attack4. End Credits ("We'll Be Back")
5. Augie Is Taken

Composed & Conducted by Bruce Broughton.

France LP General Music 244 916-1 * France LP General Music 803071

1988 ラ・マスケラ  La maschera

Director: Fiorella Infascelli. / Helena Bonham Carter, Michael Maloney, Feodor Chaliapin.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Thème d'Iris1. Les saltimbanques
2. L'abeille amoureuse2. Le masque
3. Tendres étoiles3. L'elfe des bois
4. Jouer et être joué4. Gentils acrobates
5. Le petit singe5. Gentils acrobates
6. La représentation6. La gloriette
7. Le ciel et la terre
8. Les saltimbanques

Composed & Conducted by Luis Bacalov.

1984 Un amour interdit

Director: Jean-Pierre Dougnac. / Brigitte Fossey, Fernando Rey, Saverio Marconi.

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Un amour interdit1. La vita nuova
2. Saveria2. Le variazioni di Elvira
3. Monsignore3. Meriggiare no, la luna no
4. Siciliana4. Barcarolla per Baldassare
5. Svolazzi5. Il viaggio
6. Nocturnal6. Il sogno di Elvira
7. Baldassare galuppi: Andante della7. Ancora un sogno
 Sonata in do Maggiore

Composed & Conducted by Luis Bacalov.

Great Britain LP EMI EMC 3340 * Japan 45 Toshiba EMI EMS-17142

1980 シーウルフ  The Sea Wolves

Director: Andrew V. McLaglen. / Gregory Peck, Roger Moore, David Niven, Trevor Howard.

(Great Britain LP)

(Side 1)(Side 2)
1. Warsaw Concerto*1. On the Way
2. Overture2. In Love
3. Enemy Beneath the Waves3. The Phoebe
4a. G.H.Q.4. Melody for Lovers
4b. In Goa5. The Truth
5. Love at First Sight6. Boarding Party
6. The Pursuit7. The Betrayal
7. The Romance8. Warsaw Concerto

(Japanese 45)
(Side 1) - Warsaw Concerto*  (Side 2) - Warsaw Concerto (Theme from "The Sea Wolves")

Original Music Composed by Roy Budd. The National Philharmonic Orchestra.
The Warsaw Concerto Theme Composed by Richard Addinsell.
*Theme Song "The Precious Moments" Sung by Matt Monro.
Composed by Richard Addinsell. Lyrics by Leslie Bricusse.
All Music Arranged & Conducted by Roy Budd.

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